Sunday, September 4, 2016

You Need Me lyrics - G-Unit

Yeah. It's 50...
Look you need me man...
You need me.
I mean you hate me,
But you need me,
Cuz I got the best product man,
I mean look, it's pure, it's pure as snow..

[50 Cent:]
I'm a south side nigga I'm warning you,
You could get smoked when I come through, okaaay, okaaay,
If sellin cocaine is what you tryna do,
I could be a good connect for you, okaaay, okaaay... (50 Cent!)

Look bitch he can't treat you the way I do,
Now lay back, Maybach '62, okaaay, okaaay,
Now I got a bunch of paper I wanna spend,
And Ima grind, Ima stack, and Ima do it again, okaaay, okaaay,

Lemme show you hooow,
Lemme show you hooow,
I can show you hooow,
Lemme show you hoowww!...

This is that Porche GT shit,
That Baltimore G shit,
That body-bag, dope fiend dead off OD shit,
Fish scale cookin' I'm Chef-Boyar-50,
I get my hands on that paper y'all need to fuck wit' me, bitch,
Who want the dice, pray the outcomes nice, like 7 or 11 Ima winner,
Pick up the chips, better yet bitch pick up the bricks,
Tell the valet to bring us the whip,
Look at the Vegas lights,
I told ya I'll light up ya life,
Pull up to the floor in a Ricky Hatton fight,
Ima champion baby... A little bit crazy,
But crazy's unpredictable and that's entertaining,
So you hear the boss up, concrete blue, gossip,
Media take out, let 'em talk while I cake out,
I can't be more then me,
But you can make me out to be what you want me to be... 50!

It's just a pinch man...
It's a sample...
You're not supposed to get high
off the sample...
You're just supposed to feel a buzz...
I'm not tryna get you where you need
to go, with this...
I'm just havin' fun, you know?
You probably waiting for a next verse
well there's not a next verse comin!!
I'm just playing man...
You could take a bag of this right here,
We'll call this...
The body bag...
Lemme put a stamp on this
dog right here...
Yeah that blue magic shit Jay gave you...
But I know you need to get high again..

[Tony Yayo:]
Nigga if life is a gamble roll the dice,
If the Feds kick the door then it's natural life, okaaay, okaaay,
I got the dope in the vice[?]
8 pots on the stove,
Move 8 bricks on about 8 hoes, okaaay, okaaay...

I ain't a Frank Lucas lover, Ima block hugger,
I respect real G's like Don Fischer,
I'm not ya middle man,
I'm ya boss man, Pablo Escobar,
King of New York man,
King of the coke man,
King of the dope man,
Work got got,
It's fresh off the boat man,
Ask fish bone if I had fish scale,
Jump in the '6 let that bitch fish scale,
For real..!

[50 Cent:]
It feels like silk!
This is that Sin City,
Golden Navy,
Players Club,
Sue's Rendezvous,
I mean this is like head!!
Good Sex!!
Now watch this climax!!
I'll take it to the next level...
Come on...
(Yeahhhhh) LLOYD BANKS!!

[Lloyd Banks:]
There's a lot of product out there,
But I'm the pure thing,
4 rings, Ross-niggas, the guns,
And court swings,
I'm better then whoever,
when I inject the medicine it turns into a fetish,
Fettuccini when I dine,
Rap, White Line,
Wanna recline,
My jewels blind,
I got a EB9[?] grind,
My Mercedes ride by 'em,
My ladies top dime,
I line 'em up, I ain't here to make friends, I'm bout a buck,
I man the game like a corner,
Everybody cut-throatin' hopin' they can catch a come up run up on a nigga jokin'
You strong enough for smokin?
That 2K raw,
No bag, get back,
You get what you paid for,

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